The Most Dangerous Highways In Alabama

When it comes to dangerous highways in the United States,very few come close to the roads and highways of Alabama. They are home to some of the deadliest motor accidents in the country. Statistics show that 1000 people die every year in motor accidents on Alabama roads.

There are many reasons that contribute to this including the presence of snow and ice on the roads,reckless driving,and drinking. From the “Highway 431 to Interstate 20,here is a list of the most dangerous highways in Alabama.

1. Highway 431

Commonly referred to as the “Highway to Hell”,Highway 431 is top on the list of Alabama’s dangerous highways. The danger is in the high travelling speed of drivers who go up to 80 miles per hour over the allowable limit of 65. This in part has been contributed by the lenient traffic rule that gives people who violate this law a warning rather than a ticket. In addition,the highway also has low visibility and too many lane changes—the two recipes for merging accidents.

2. Interstate 65

This too has a nickname –“Malfunction Junction”—and is considered a dangerous road in the state of Alabama. The roadway passes Birmingham and connects to Montgomery,Birmingham and Decatur. Interstate 65 danger lies in the high number of vehicles (15,000) passing through it every day combined with the intense road works targeted at expanding the lanes from 4-6.

3. Interstate 85

Interstate 85 is a huge roadway that connects Montgomery to Atlanta. The high rate of fatalities reported is because of increased traffic congestion,blind curves,frequent lane changes,and its interconnection to another dangerous highway,Interstate 20.

4. Interstate 20

Interstate 20 is also a treacherous road in Alabama primarily because of its connection to the “Malfunction Junction” and its strange configuration at the interchange. Additionally,its uphill terrain can also cause traffic and create an unhealthy atmosphere for reckless driving.

If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident in one of the dangerous highways in Alabama,look for a good- with immediate effect. A good attorney will help you understand what your options and rights are. He or she will guide you on how to seek damages and get financial help in case of severe injuries.

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